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training aquaculture kelp harvest at Minamikayabe

We have trained aquaculture kelp harvest at Minamikayabe from 30th June to 3th august. Four days schedule is as following.

7/30  16:30 visit Mimamikayabe quarter

      17:00 take a bath at Ofune spa

      19:00 dinner at quarter

      21:00 bed


 3:00 rising

    3:30 washing harvest kelp

         At the same time, dried washing kelp at dry warehouse for 10hours

    6:00 finish washing kelp

        Breakfast at quarter

    8:00 fold dried kelp

   12:00 finish hold work with us (but fishermen continue holding dried kelp)


   13:00 go to spa near the quarter

         Visit stationary net fishing or nursery facilities of kelp

   17:00 dinner   

   20:00 bed

We work from early mourning from noon.

We have jet lag at first day and after training day.

landing aquaculture kelp

washing kelp with washing machine

four student(Yamamoto,sasaki,takasima,nagata),one profeesor(akira nagano)  

 guraduated student(fuziyoshi,koganeyama,takahashi)

support member (akimoto,sibai and women)